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We create motion graphic videos with authority. Design Cater is a place where the artistic freedom of the animators helps us achieve the impossible.

Enter the world of creativity and day adios to mainstream videos!

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Making Your Brand Viral Through Breathtaking Vivid Video Animations Is Our USP

We have animated hundreds of videos that stunned the online world. We have done it multiple times before, and we can definitely do it for you as well!
Video Animation Service

Skilled Animators

Animators at Design Cater are dedicated to creating digital motion art for you!

Supreme Service

From creating the first pixel to rendering the last frame, we will keep you updated throughout the process.

Niche videos

Our compelling animated films are tailored around the theme of relevant brands.

Hooking Storylines

We’ve aced the storyboard and script writing for explainer videos as we are pioneers of it.

Videos For Business

Give Your Business A Boost With The Power Of Animation!

The ROI you get from video marketing is unparalleled. The popularity of video content has made it the new king of digital marketing. Our animated videos can help you reach your goal in no time!
Video Animation

Best Explainer Videos

Where words fail, animation delivers. We at Design Cater have been offering such videos for over a decade now.

Animations are hooking and therefore are a great tool to gain the attention of prospects in the online world where the attention span is only a few seconds. We are known for creating videos that create a stir in the online marketplace.

Video Animation

Marketing Videos

Digital Marketing infused with animated infographic videos is the way forward.

With the high ROI a brand gets through video marketing, it has become an essential marketing tool for every marketing campaign. Our animators are familiar with even the fine details that are required for a viral marketing video. Hire us now!

Video Animation

Customer Service Videos

Animated Videos are lead generating magnets.

Get one for your online business and beat your customers with traffic-hungry animated videos. Videos have the power to make your business look credible. Subscribe to our video animation services and hook every prospect in the online world.

Video Animation

Training Videos

Animate to educate! Learning just got easier because of animated explainer videos.

For ages, pictures have been used to train people, and now with the rise of digital media, product animations have taken over to educate the masses about the features of newly launched services. Our created videos have the tendency to reach millions of potential prospects due to our imaginative approach towards animated videos.

Video Animation

Video Ads

Add to your marketing KPIs through video ads!

Video ads boost the sales funnel; around one-third of the purchases are made after watching a video ad online. So what is stopping you from getting a crowd-pulling digital video ad? Choose from our versatile video packages and get yourself subscribed ASAP!

Video Animation

Video Series

Video content marketing is the best organic tool to expand your reach!

Advertising through animated video series has become a new trend in digital media. At Design Cater, we have an entire team of scriptwriters, storyboard artists, and animators who can successfully pull off this feat. Let's get in touch and tell your side of the story to the world.

Types Of Video Animation

Our Video Animation Portfolio Is As Vast As The Milky Way!

We are one of the pioneers of the animation industry. With years of experience, we have a team of professional animators who are capable of delivering every type of animated video.
2d Video Animation
Video Animation

2d Animation

Animated videos with flat characters are called 2d and are the widely used format for explainer videos throughout the industry. The 2d style is perfect for brands that are looking to take full advantage of the video format. The simple design philosophy also adds to its benefits because the product gets the limelight due to flat characters.

3d Video Animation
Video Animation

3d Animation

3d animated videos are expensive as they are more difficult to create. However, the price has its own perks; the attention you get with a 3d video is beyond comparison. It will get a lot of views on social media platforms because people like to watch appealing video content, even if it's an ad.

Whiteboard Animation
Video Animation

Whiteboard Animations

Whiteboard animations are a simple but unique way to educate the audience. When compared to 2d, 3d animation services, whiteboard videos are quite affordable, and many startups opt for them. They do an excellent job of easing down difficult processes through visual communication.

Explainer Videos
Video Animation

Typographic Videos

Typography videos are the easiest of the bunch but still effective to the core. Never underestimate the potential of typography because it can create an appeal if fused with motion graphics. Design Cater offers highly engaging typography videos at a very affordable price. Click here for pricing.

Our Awesome work

Behold Of The Best Animated Videos You Have Ever Witnessed!

Visual experience optimized! Our video portfolio has the potential to stun anyone who has a taste for digital art.

Pocket-friendly Design. Just a Click Away!

Our Creative Process

Let Us Take You To A Creative Ride Powered By Artistic Imagination!

Making an animated video is no easy task; people of artistic nature are required to pull off a single video project. Here how things work:

Our Services Are Cherished By All!

We have served hundreds of brands, and look at what they have to say for us:

Frequently Asked Questions

We have summed up every query that clients mostly have, but you can always get in touch if you have something else to ask.
Yes, we can. The only thing that limits productivity are the creative minds, lucky we have plenty in our video marketing team.
If you don't like the initial video, no worries, we will get it revised for you. However, the changes you require will depend upon your package.
Yes, you will have the complete right over the video once it gets delivered.
Animating videos is no easy task; it requires both creativity and resilient effort. The turnaround time entirely depends on the length and complexity of the project.
Client satisfaction is our foremost priority. Therefore our packages come with the option of revisions in case you are not pleased with the initial results.
It completely depends on the nature of the video, but you can get an animated video for as low as $150.